Raft Survival Game: Tips & Strategy Guide

Raft survival simulator is a game that punishes you severely for making mistakes in strategy. Starvation, thirst, marine predatory beasts and pesky birds - all of those factors will attempt to sink your little vessel of hope. While you're desperately trying to find the remnants of the human civilization.

Our Raft Survival Ultimate guide will do its best to assist you.

Raft survival advice for beginners

I. Captain Hook

You begin with nothing in your hands. On a tiny wooden raft the ocean. And your first loyal companion will be a humble Plastic Hook - 1 Plank and 2 Plastic. That item is necessary for hunting for debris and barrels that pass by your wooden shelter. You can use those materials to extend your raft, turn it into the full-fledged boat/floating fortress, make more equipment and produce water & food.

However, it can "catch" only 38 items.

II. Food & water

In Raft game you are surrounded by food and water. But before being devoured, both of them must be processed.


Water Purifier is the first item you should build. Thanks to it you won't die of dehydration. The Simple Purifier will cost you 6 Palm Leaves, 6 Planks, 4 Plastic. Its advanced "sibling" will need Plank 8, Plastic 6, Glass 4 to be assembled. The difference between the devices is that the Simple Purifier can make only 1 cup of drinkable water. Meanwhile the Advanced produces 5 cups simultaneously.

Empty Cup is vital for transporting salt water to the Purifier, drinking and watering plants. It takes 4 Plastic. Later you can craft Empty Bottle for 6 Plastic, 4 Vine Goo.

Filtering water:

  1. Put planks in the Purifier to lie the fire.

  2. Fill a cup with ocean water.

  3. Pour the water into the Purifier.

  4. Wait for approximately 60 seconds.

  5. The water will appear in the cup underneath the Purifier.

  6. Collect it with the cup.


The second item to craft is the Wooden Rod - 6 Planks, 8 of Rope. Upgrade it to the Metal Rod asap - 1 Bolt, 8 of Rope, 3 Scrap. Use the rods to catch fish - mouse left-clicks, when the fishing line starts twitching.

Afterward, you'll have to grill your catch. Craft Simple Grill - 6 Planks, 1 Scrap, 6 Rope. It can store small/medium food pieces. Upgrade it to Advanced Grill - 6 Planks, 2 Metal Ingots, 6 Nails, 2 Rope so a huge fish like salmon could be cooked on it in one piece.

Additionally, you're able to start your own food farm - the Crop Plot. The biggest Plot will require Plank 10, Rope 4, Nail 6, Hinge 1. The Crops possible to grow include:

  • Watermelons.

  • Potatoes.

  • Beet.

  • Pineapples.

  • Various seeds: Blue, White, Yellow, Palm, etc.

The uninhabited islands are a source of free food. To do the successful snack-foraging, craft the Axe - 8 Planks, 2 Scraps, 4 of Rope, 1 Bolt and Ladder.

Discover recipes, make a Cooking Station (starting with the Cooking Pot), collect 4 ingredients for each recipe and a delicious meal will be made.

Raft survival tips and tricks


Sharks & seagulls are your natural enemies. To deter the former, craft the Spear. The Wooden Spear - Plank 8, Rope 3 - scares a shark away at 4 strikes. Meanwhile, the Metal - Plank 6, Rope 2, Metal Ingot 2, Bolt 1 - needs only two and also only 15 strikes to kill a shark.

Seagulls can be destroyed with a Spear, Basic Bow/Stone Spears or intimidated with a Scarecrow, which will guard your Crop Plot.

Craft the Spear right after you get a Hook - the sharks will regularly attempt to annihilate your vessel.


Always have enough resources for building a new Hook & Fishing Rod. As soon as you have enough materials, invest in building the Storage.

How to make a boat in raft survival

1) Craft the Building Hammer - Plank 4, Rope 2. It allows adding different structures to your initial raft or fixing it.

2) Extend the raft size by building additional Floors by aiming at the edges of the raft. Each extra-floor tile will cost 4 Plank.

3) After you establish a steady supply of food, right-click your mouse and choose from various structures: Ladders, Wooden Pillars, Doors, Roofs, Rope/Plank Fences and so on.

4) It is recommended to start with the 5x5/7x7 raft in order to add an extra storey later. The thing is that many islands will require to have up to three storeys in order to reach for extremely valuable loot.

5) Foundation Armor is worth being invested in, for it increases the health-point of any Foundation/Collection Net. Moreover, it forces the sharks to leave after they do a 25% damage to the raft. And up to 87.5% of health-points can be recovered without spending the Planks, which is quite cost-effective.

Raft original survival game cheats


In the beginning, avoid collecting flowers - they take too much space in the inventory and serve the esthetical goals only.

The Smelter

Craft Oxygen Bottle, Flippers, and Shark Bait to procure Sand and Clay. They are necessary for making bricks, which are a #1 component for the Smelter, which can produce Glass, Vine Goo, etc.

Collect no sweat

Collection Net automatically gathers and stores resources floating by. Build them on 2 perpendicular angles.

Bird eggs

Seagulls will become the source of food (and partly water) if you build a Bird Nest. Don't attack the seagulls approaching it, so they can rest in it. And a brief moment later you can collect three edible eggs - no need to cook them. It's a steady food supply, but first, make sure you're not playing in the Peaceful regime.

Bird meat

Set up a small crop field, in the beginning, to attract seagulls intentionally. Their fried meat is far more nutritious than potatoes/beet you can grow on a small Crop Plot.