Raft Game Crafting Guide - Rough & Tough

Raft is a survival simulator known for crude, simplistic graphics, but pretty challenging gameplay. You are trapped on a shaky and dodgy raft amidst gigantic ocean. And your success at staying alive solely depends on how well you'll learn crafting-cooking.

Our Raft guide will introduce you to the basics of crafting equipment and also a couple of useful tricks.

1. How to drink water in raft survival

Surviving in Raft is impossible without drinkable water. Fortunately, you are surrounded by the water. But you cannot drink it unpurified.

First, you'll need the Empty Cup:

  1. Collect 4 plastic pieces.

  2. Press TAB.

  3. Craft the Cup.

Then it's Water Purifier:

  1. Put ocean water in the Cup.

  2. Add a few planks to lit the fire.

  3. Select the Purifier in the hotbar.

  4. Press the Use key.

  5. Wait until the water boils for some time.

  6. Collect the drinkable water.

Crafting the Purifier costs 6 Palm Leaves, 6 Wooden Planks, and 4 Plastic Pieces. With time you'll be able to upgrade the Purifier and produce more drinkable water: it can have up to 5 cups at the same time and doesn't require spending the Wooden Planks. It will cost you 8 Planks, 6 of Plastic and 4 of Glass.

2. Food

There is plenty of fish in the sea, and you must catch it to stay alive. There are two fishing rods:

  • Wooden Rod - costs 6 Planks & 8 of Rope. Can get you 10 fish maximum.

  • Metal Rod - 1 Bolt, 8 of Rope, 3 of Scrap. 30 fish max.

Fishing technique is quite simple: cast the fishing hook into the water. You'll hear the splash sound, and then the fishing line will start moving: left-click your mouse quickly. Voila - the fish is in your inventory.

But your fishy must be cooked before put on the dishy. You'll need the Grill.

There are two types of Grill:

  • Simple Grill - 6 Planks, 1 Scrap, 6 of Rope. It can only cook one food piece at a time and accepts medium-sized chunks of fish, potatoes, etc. Requires planks as fuel.

  • Advanced Grill - 6 Planks, 2 Metal Ingots, 6 Nails, 2 of Rope. It's big enough to cook three small food pieces simultaneously or one huge chunk of food. You can grill the whole catfish/salmon on it. Requires planks as fuel.

Apart from fishing, you can also launch your own autonomous food production - grow crops right on the raft! For that you will need:

  • Crop Plot - it comes in three sizes: Small (3 seeds), Medium (2 seeds) and Large (1 seed). However don't be surprised, the bigger the Crop Plot is, the more nutritious/useful crops it can produce: from Raw Potatoes and Beet to Pineapple Seed and Palm Seed for crafting Planks.

  • Watering - naturally seeds need to be watered. Purifier and Empty Cup will manage that task.

  • Scarecrow - every once in a while seagulls will attempt to pillage your Crop Plot. To frighten the feathered marauders, craft the Scarecrow: 5 Planks, 3 Palm Leaves, 3 Nails, 3 of Plastic. Every three seagull attacks will make the Scarecrow lose a part of its body.

These are the fundamental ways of obtaining food in Raft game. Additionally, you can harvest pineapples, mangos, coconuts, and watermelons on the desert islands. For that you'll need:

  • Axe - 8 Planks, 2 Scraps, 4 of Rope, 1 Bolt. Cut down the fruit trees with it: 60 chops are granted maximum.

  • Stair Set - requires Plank + Nails and can be used for jumping off of it directly on the island ground.

Contrary to popular belief, three eggs generated through the Bird Nest cannot be grilled, but they still serve as an easily renewable source of nutrition. Craft it with 6 Palm Leaves, 6 Planks, 1 Giant Clam and allow seagulls to rest on it. Note: this maneuver is not available in the Peaceful mode.

3. Resources

In the beginning, Plastic Hook will be your best friend. Craft it for 1 Plank and 2 of Plastic.

All types of resources necessary for building your newbie's survival kit and extending the raft will be floating around. Spot debris and throw your hook at them. Occasionally you may lay your hands on the barrels that are similar to treasure chests. They can contain food, seeds, materials and more.

Note: The Plastic Hook can procure only 38 items in total. That's why the initial equipment you should build first is:

1)  Water Purifier.

2)  Fishing Rod.

3)  Simple Grill.

Then craft a new Hook and collect materials for the items that will economize your time and effort:

1. Scrap Hook

6 Scraps, 2 of Rope, 4 Planks, 1 Bolt. It's much faster and more durable. The range of the Scrap Hook is 1/3 bigger than that of its plastic counterpart.

2. Collection Net

5 Planks, 8 Rope, 2 Nails. It automatically collects and stacks the materials/items floating by. Everything you're supposed to do afterward is collecting them. Collection Net can be learned via the Research Table.

3. Metal Spear

6 Planks, 2 Rope, 2 Metal Ingots, 1 Bolt. The self-protection weapon used for warding off the sharks, tending to damage your raft.

4. Storage

8 Planks, Rope 3, Hinge 4, Scrap 1. Storage serves as extra inventory, which allows to deposit the excess of resources for later use. 20 slots are available maximum.

Another way to scavenge for resources is to dive into the ocean and look underneath your raft. You will need:

Oxygen Bottle - Plastic 8, Rope 4, Empty Bottle 1, Goo 5. It grants you a longer time of underwater exploration.

Flippers - Plastic 6, Seaweed 6, Vine Goo 5, Rope 4. Higher underwater speed.

Shark Bait - Rope 2, Raw Herring <2, Raw Pomfret <2. A shark will be distracted for 80 seconds.

While underwater you'll spot various collectible resources - fetch them.

5.How to Build a Boat in Raft Original Survival Game

If you’ve been asking yourself How to make a boat? Can I get something fancier than this dodgy little raft? Then wonder no more: in Raft you can build not just simple boats, but also aircraft carriers, cargo ships, and yachts!

Basically your ambition and imagination are limited only by the number of resources you can spend. For remodeling your raft into something bigger you will need:

  • Collecting a lot of building materials, especially Wooden Planks and Plastic.

  • Building a hammer.

  • Decorations: chairs, lanterns, signs, shelves.

  • Structures: doors, thatch walls, wooden pillars, ladders, wooden windows, etc.

Meanwhile, it seems like an unbeatable task in Raft Original Survival game mode, you can practice your ship-designing skills in the Creative mode, in which you have as much of resources as you want and no threats.

Start with a vast foundation by building extra tiles for your floor and then improvise by adding extra structures and elements, depending on white kind of boat/ship you’d like to create.