Development Blog #36 WELCOME RAFTERS It's been two months since our last development blog, so we thought it was time for another one! We're still working on fine tuning the large islands as well as the new enemies, and have yet another large feature that will come along with them in the next update, which will hopefully go live soon. ADVANCED COOKING Yes, you heard right! We're working on implementing a more advanced cooking system so you can craft better food items which will sustain your hunger much longer than regular food. It will all be prepared at the cooking table and made into a healthy stew in the cooking pot! You will have to find special ingredients by exploring the world of Raft to cook food using this. Check it out: FISH SCHOOL No, we don't mean a literal school for fish. We mean small, cute fish which will swim around the reefs and create a more aesthetically pleasing environment while you explore the world of Raft. These fish will not be catchable, and will swim away if you get too close to them! IN-GAME CHAT We're happy to announce that you will soon be able to chat with your pals in-game rather than using another platform such as Discord. We unfortunately don't have any pictures to show today. OPTIMIZATION We've been investigating an issue with lights drastically decreasing the overall FPS, and have come up with a fix that will now greatly increase FPS when having a lot of grouped lights. It also reduces the amount of overexposure when placing lights close to each other, making for a more aesthetically pleasing raft. Another major performance issue is the collision meshes of big rafts. We are actively investigating this in order to find a solution. This is unfortunately not very likely to come with the next updates. ANTI MOTION SICKNESS MODE A toggleable option will be added to the setting menu that will turn off swaying and waves completely, so those of you who get seasick / motion sick can still go on a rafty adventure! MORE ISLAND DECORATIONS We hope that most of you saw our development stream where we built one of the upcoming large islands together with the community, incorporating suggestions from those who tuned in during the stream Continue Reading The Game Mode Update WELCOME! We have listened to you guys, and are now bringing new game modes to make for more exciting gameplay in Raft, as well as some much-requested gameplay features! PEACEFUL MODE Peaceful mode is now a thing. This mode has the same settings as easy mode, but with the added feature of all enemies being passive; so you can enjoy the calm breeze without having to worry. UPDATED HARD MODE Hard mode have gotten a makeover: there's now a chance of multiple sharks spawning when you kill one, and the sharks health has been increased a bit (5 hits instead of 4) for it to go away. The shark will also attack in a more frequent, but random pattern, which should make for more exciting gameplay. We aim for this to be a mode where you should think and calculate the chances you take - before you take them. As always, we appreciate feedback, so yell at us if it's too hard. :) Food and Thirst is also harder to sustain, and all enemies have had their damage increased. 3RD PERSON MODE Third person mode has been added to the game (default key is comma ,) - just take a look here: FOUNDATION ARMOR Upgraded game modes, upgraded security. Bruce is annoying in late game, and isn't really a threat to those well equipped to fight him off - for this reason, we have decided to make foundation armor untargetable for the shark: so you will now be able to completely fortify your raft, and not have to worry about pesky shark attacks any longer. Enjoy! NOCLIP MODE This one is quite amazing, and we're really looking forward to see how people utilize this. This is only available in creative mode, and allows you to fly around to view your raft, or even build/paint in noclip if that's what you wish to do (default key for this is N) - take a look:   CHANGELOG Added peaceful game mode and updated hard game mode. Added 3rd person view in all modes and noclip mode in creative. Updated foundation armor to be untargetable/immortal to Bruce. Added schools of fish around normal islands as requested by you guys.  Added fall damage to all game modes besides creative. Shark bait now lasts 30% longer in hard mode. We improved loading times when loading into a game. Modified food and thirst decrease a bit to be more fair. Fixed an issue with the seagull attacking crops in creative. Fixed an issue with lighting (no lights at night). Fixed an issue with multiple sharks spawning in non-hard modes. Continue Reading