Well, few of us can afford to have a real raft to live on. But it’s such an attractive story about building a life of your dream after being saved from drowning in the sea, and then turning floating debris to the raft you make your new home! That’s what makes this game so attractive.

Endless sea with dangers and treasures. Life simulation with food for your hunger, rain for your thirst, building materials for your home, islands to explore, and anything for your pleasure! Just take some steps to take it and use your hook, like its developers use it on us.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a port town or somewhere deep in the continent. Raft is a beautiful game with unlimited possibilities of building and adjusting your floating house. A simulator with an adventure story and exotic environment: isn’t that perfect?

So if you want to experience that, follow the steps:

1.       Get it on Steam

2.       Survive the crash

3.       Build your first raft

4.       Learn to swim

5.       Imagine what you dream about

6.       Visualize it (can’t help singing: And I will advertise it…)

7.       Imagine how you would live without it!

Maybe it will give you some impact to start building your real life in the same manner. But even if it doesn’t, you’ll still enjoy that. The adventure has become a real hit since its release in May, 2018.

Heh, Raft is much closer to a hikikomori life bound to PCs and consoles than it might seem. It’s all about building the perfect world alone, with no one to interfere and to bring in any trouble. But you might as well be social and open-minded, getting as much life as you can, with job and friends, and still feel enticed with Raft.

Some say that the game is so raw that they must have missed a D. We won’t agree. It has everything it takes to become a daily meditation. And if it does (it’s definitely worth this!), you’ll want to enhance your experience with some material pieces.

So that’s what we offer.