• Developer: Redbeet Interactive
  • Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
  • Version: Early Access
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Official information

Release Date May 23, 2018
Developer Redbeet Interactive
Publisher Axolot Games
Genre Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Turkish
System Windows, Linux
Version Early Access


Raft: Add Sea to Craft!

It’s hard to find anyone who wasn’t fond of Robinson Crusoe stories as a child; let alone it's becoming a Protestant ethics anthem, it’s an adventure that leaves no one quiet. Raft is a Robinsonade-like game, where you have to build up everything, including your floating island, and make this raft your comfortable home.

As a survival-and-construction, Raft game is a standalone thing rather than a name shortened variant of Minecraft or any other –craft. Its naval experience is so different from other games that it’s worth your attention for that reason alone.

By 2018, September it’s still an early access game, so you have a unique chance to see it grow and develop until the official release, and then after on. The game is developed by indie studio Redbeet Interactive and distributed by just as indie company Axolot. Never heard these names? It grants the game is a real indie one, and you have probably never experienced this.

Where Do You Go

So, you find yourself in the ocean, completely offshore, with no land seen. There are only sharks underwater, debris floating around, and a hook you somehow managed to take. Your mission is to survive in that hostile environment, and the most obvious way is making a raft. So collect everything you see, get yourself a hammer and get building!

The further you sail, the more components for your raft you find and utilize. There’s no final mission or destination; you survive, and then make this raft a place to live. It will take much sailing and hunting for things, so the game will be long. And all the time you’ll need to get yourself some food and water, and that makes a separate adventure. Sometimes you sail into small uninhabited islands, and there may be something to use too.

Don’t be surprised to get bitten by sharks too often. You can just respawn immediately; all you have collected remains. The shark is your main enemy, anyway, and it will attack your raft frequently, so get yourself some weapon for self-defense.

It can be played both casual and fanatic way. If you prefer to return to it from time to time, you better prefer single-player mode. But there’s also a multiplayer for those who prefer to cooperate. You can join any open world or create your own, allowing your friends in with a password you provide. Then (when bitten by a shark) you don’t have to respawn immediately; you can just expect help, and chances are this time you’ll survive with a little help from your friends.

As you develop your raft, you can expand it and equip it with walls, furniture, fishing equipment, and other stuff. The poshest thing is decorating it with your trophies, like various fish species.

This game is more about creativity than about fast response and cracking combos; though you’ll have some moments to swim away and then to sail risky, it takes more building skills than strictly hit-and-run tricks.

Deep Blue Ocean and Cracking Teeth

Though the game is not so large (as for 2018), the graphic effect is stunning. The developers did their best to recreate the first person experience in the sea, with your head right over the water and sometimes under it. When you dive, it gets darker, and you’ll need to rise to inhale, and then you get over the water, and the view gets brighter. Still, there is endless tide, and the ocean is moving constantly, so you’ll have to try to focus on some item to grab it with your hook. The water is blue and endless, with items floating quite naturally, and the sky above it looks like another ocean.

The soundscape of Raft is not as rich as it could have been, but it reflects that feeling when you’re lost in the borderless ocean, and it’s so dull out there. So you get even more motivated to build something out of the debris you find.

How to Raft

Not that there’s much to learn about actions. You won’t even have to use the whole WASD section: WSD is enough. The mouse is used to turn around and collect items. Use number row keys to access your items and make use of them. Unified controls are possible due to the fact that the game is only made for Windows.

Raft download is available on Steam; system requirements are quite moderate as for 2018. The game requires Dual Core or later CPU, at least 4 GB RAM, Windows 7 or later (64-bit) and 3 GB free space. No special controller is needed; mouse and keyboard should be enough for everyone.

Alas, there are no ports to any other platform. Neither consoler nor mobile devices are covered (though there are similar games for iOS, they are not by the same developer or publisher).



So, Raft is a sea adventure with endless building and crafting, a long shark hunt and a growing collection of trophies. It should never be made into a movie; but what a great TV series it would make!


  • Early access (that is, stable work is not granted)
  • No straight aim
  • No local multiplayer (and not planned so far)


  • Early access (that is, you play the game before it’s officially released and you can impact its development by your Raft review)
  • Good first-person view
  • Co-op multiplayer
  • Ocean experience recreated impressively
  • Creative space
Gameplay controls